Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a public performance license?

Generally, showing a movie outdoors in a location other than your backyard will require a license. The Federal Copyright Act (Title 17, United States code, Public Law 94-553, 90 Stat. 2541) governs how copyrighted materials, such as movies, may be utilized publicly. Neither the rental nor the purchase or lending of a videocassette or DVD carries with it the right to exhibit such a movie publicly outside the home, unless the site where the video is used is properly licensed for copyright compliant exhibition.

What is a public performance license?

A public performance license allows you to show licensed performances (movies) to the general public.

I already purchased the movie on DVD/BluRay, do I still need a license?

Yes. The Blurays and DVDs sold in the stores is for private viewing in your home. If the general public can walk by and view the movie, then you need a license.

I'm not charging admission, do I still need a license?

Yes. The licensing companies have their own rules about admission. Generally you will need to send them a percentage of the total amount collected for admission.

We don't have a big movie budget, can we get a reduced rate?

While we feel our rates are extremely competitive, it can appear quite expensive. Why not sell advertisements to be shown on the screen prior to the movie starting?

How long does it take to setup and break down?

It depends on the amount of equipment. However, general rule of thumb is it takes approximately an hour to setup and about the same to break down.

What time will the movie start?

We can start the movie as early as 15 minutes prior to setset. For best results, we recommend waiting until after the sun sets.

What other services do you have?

We can do DJ-ing, karaoke, gaming, bingo, speedquiz smartphone trivia and game shows for additional costs. Restrictions apply and additional material may be required.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and credit cards (American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa).

What do I need to do to book an event?

We can consider an event "booked" when the customer made a deposit of $50. Contact us as soon as possible with your date so we can get it booked.

What happens if it rains?

We constantly monitor the weather beginning approximately a week before your event. In the event of inclement weather (to include, but not limited to rain and wind), we will recommend rescheduling your event at no additional cost to you. Should you decline and we make it out to the venue and then have to cancel, a service charge of $50 will be applied.

How long after the movie will Moonlit Cinema stay setup?

Once the movie is over, we start breaking down.

Will Moonlit Cinema stay later or show a second movie?

Yes, weather permitting. Additional charges will apply.